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Bac Bo is a fast-paced live dealer game that combines elements from Baccarat and Sic Bo to offer a slightly different experience to players who love simplicity.

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Bac Bo By Evolution Gaming Review

Quick Facts

  • RTP: 95.52% – 98.87%
  • Maximum win: 89x
  • Time per round: 30 seconds
  • Betting range: ₹100 – ₹1 lakh
  • Release date: January, 2022
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The Game in Short

Bac Bo is extremely straightforward.

  • You place a bet on one of three positions known as Player, Banker and Tie.
  • Two dice will then roll for the Player, as well as two dice for the Banker.
  • Whichever side gets the highest total number wins.
  • If numbers on both sides tie, the tie position wins.


Payouts in Bac Bo are as follows:

  • Player: 2 times your bet amount
  • Banker: 2 times your bet amount
  • Tie: 5 – 89 times your bet amount

The amount you get paid for a tie bet varies depending on what numbers tie. For the highest payout, a tie of 2 (all dice roll 1) or a tie of 12 (all dice roll 6) is required.

When betting on the Player or the Banker, 90% of your bet will be returned if a tie occurs. This leads to these two bets having an RTP of 98.87%, which is very high. On Tie bets, however, the RTP is only 95.52%. This is important to be aware of.

Fun Factor 

Personally, I would never play this game when gambling online. I find it quite boring. The dealer is mostly quiet and there isn’t much happening in the game. No side bets being available doesn’t help. However, I am not a fan of Baccarat either, which Bac Bo is very similar to. More so than Sic Bo.

If you fancy Baccarat or just love to play games that are simple in general, this might definitely be worth a try. The RTP is one of the higher in casino games and it beats many versions of Baccarat. Especially the tie bet has a significantly higher RTP than you’d normally find in Baccarat which gives you much better chances of winning.   



The only strategy in Bac Bo is one that will maximize your chances of making a long-term profit. That is simply playing with the highest RTP. Thus, the strategy is to never place a tie bet, but only bet on the Player or the Banker.

This, of course, makes the game more monotonous than it already is and it removes your chances of winning big. But it is the most profitable strategy.

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