1000x Busta

1000x Busta

RTP: 97%
Max win: 1,000x (max ₹2,500,000)
Provider: Relax Gaming (4ThePlayer)
Release year: 2020
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1000x Busta is among the top crash games available online designed through the partnership of Relax Gaming and 4ThePlayer. It is a straightforward yet thrilling game where you can bet on a rising graph tied to a multiplier.

As the graph goes up, so does your multiplier. But watch out for the crash and cash out your winnings before you lose everything. Get ready to experience the ultimate rush!

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1000x Busta crash game

1000x Busta Crash Game Review: Graph Up Win With Relax Gaming

Quick Facts

  • Provider: Relax Gaming (4ThePlayer)
  • Year of Release: 2020
  • Theme: Graph
  • RTP: 97%
  • Volatility: Unknown
  • Bet range: ₹10 – ₹10,000
  • Win range: Up to 1,000x (max ₹2,500,000)
  • Features: Yes (4)
  • Free Bets: No
  • Chat room: No
  • Multiple bets: No
  • Demo mode: Yes
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Payout Time: Instant - 1 hour UPI Supported

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About 1000x Busta Crash Game and How it Works

1000x Busta crash gameplay

1000x Busta offers a simple yet exciting crash gaming experience by unfolding on a green background with a multiplier graph climbing steadily on the left side as it progresses. The game works just like any other crash game, where your multiplier boosts your winnings.

However, there’s a small difference. Once you bet, you're prompted to cash out at a multiplier that hasn't been reached yet, ensuring an element of anticipation and strategy. Also, unlike other games, you can only place one bet per round.

Despite this, a betting range of ₹10 to ₹10,000 keeps the excitement palpable. As the graph ascends, your multiplier will begin to increase, potentially reaching up to 1,000x. With the maximum bet of ₹10,000, the game should, in theory, payout up to ₹10,000,000.

But in reality, the maximum you can win in a round is ₹2,500,000, which is a bummer. This means, that at the maximum bet, the game’s RTP is 1/4th of what it should ideally be, leading to a top win of 1/4th of ₹10,000,000, which is ₹2,500,000.

Keep in mind that 1000x Busta is a single-player game, so you won’t have fellow players playing alongside with their progress showcased. Also, it is not Provably Fair, which means you cannot verify the results independently. Nevertheless, the game runs on RNG, which makes every outcome random and unpredictable.

Pros & Cons

  • High RTP
  • Easy gameplay
  • Neat graphics
  • Not Provably Fair
  • Single bet per round
  • Small top win multiplier
  • Capped win potential
  • Low RTP at max bet
  • Single-player game
  • Rather basic theme
  • No chat feature
  • No free bets
  • Risky

Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack

1000x Busta features an extremely basic theme commonly found in crash games. While its visuals may seem ordinary, it sets the stage for an exciting gaming experience. Though its theme isn't unique, the game's simplicity makes it stand out.

This straightforward approach keeps players engaged. 1000x Busta's thoughtful details further amp up the experience. From fast-forwarding the graph's rise to adding twinkling stars, every element adds to the excitement.

While the sound of the climbing graph intensifies, the absence of a background score is a minor drawback. Nonetheless, 1000x Busta offers a thrilling ride for crash game enthusiasts.

In-Game Features and Functions

Relax Gaming’s 1000x Busta crash game comes with the following features and functions:

  • Bet: place your bet.
  • Cancel: withdraw your bet before the graph starts rising.
  • Bet Size: set the amount you want to bet.
  • Target: choose the multiplier you're aiming for.
  • Payouts: see your potential winning amount.
  • Win Chance: see the odds of winning below your current settings and adjust them accordingly.
  • Skip: speed up the rise of the multiplier after you win and move on to the next bet quickly.
  • Cash-Out: withdraw your winnings before the game crashes.
  • AutoPlay:
    • Bet Size: select the bet size for autoplay.
    • Target: select the target multiplier for autoplay.
    • Number of Autoplays: set the number of autoplay rounds.
    • Stop on Overall Loss: set the loss amount that should trigger autoplay to stop or choose ‘Never; to continue despite the loss.
    • Stop on Overall Profit: set the profit amount that should trigger autoplay to stop or choose ‘Never; to continue after the profit.
    • Max Bet Size: set a bet limit between ₹10 and ₹10,000.
    • On Win/On No Win: automatically adjust the bet size after a win or loss to a set value or percentage.
  • Fast Forward: increase the speed of the multiplier graph until it crashes. Fast Forward disables manual cash-out. The game auto-cashes out if the set multiplier is reached or results in a no-win.
  • Star: enable twinkling stars on your graph.
  • Results History: see details of the last 500 rounds.

RTP and Volatility

1000x Busta boasts an above-average RTP of 97%, indicating that in theory, you would receive ₹97 for every ₹100 you bet in the long run. This makes it stand out among other real-money gambling games.

Do keep in mind that the RTP is 1/4th of this value when you play the game with the highest bet. Also, the volatility of 1000x Busta is officially undisclosed. But after playing it for long sessions, we feel it comes with medium volatility, offering a steady stream of moderate wins.

How to Play 1000x Busta Crash Game for Real Money

  1. Register at a crash gambling casino that offers the game.
  2. Deposit funds to your player account.
  3. Load the game for real money play.
  4. Place your bet before the graph rises.
  5. Cash out before the multiplier crashes.

1000x Busta Crash Gambling Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Crash games, including 1000X Busta, rely solely on luck. There's no guaranteed method to win. However, following these tips can help you enjoy the game better:

  • Practice in demo mode before betting real money to understand the game mechanics better.
  • Play with a crash betting bonus to increase the RTP of your gaming session, but understand the terms and conditions thoroughly before claiming the offer.
  • Bet responsibly and avoid chasing losses. Knowing when to stop prevents risking more than you can afford to lose.
  • Consider betting big and cashing out early when the multiplier is low for higher RTP.
  • Bet small and cash out when the multiplier has significantly grown. This is a low-risk strategy with the potential for big rewards.
  • Keep bets under ₹2,500 as ₹2,500,000 is the maximum you can win with the 1000x max multiplier.
  • Apply betting strategies such as Martingale, D’Alembert, and Labouchere. 
  • Disregard myths about crash games; each round is independent, and past results don't influence future outcomes.

We've covered these strategies extensively in our detailed article on the top crash betting sites online, so we won't go into all the details here.


Is the 1000x Busta crash game real or fake?

1000x Busta is a real crash game from the studio of Relax Gaming. You can bet and win real money by playing it at a crash betting site hosting the game. Just remember to choose licensed and trusted sites.

Is it Provably Fair?

1000x Busta hasn’t been designed to be Provably Fair. Its rounds do not have a hash value with which you can verify the results independently.

Is playing 1000x Busta legal in India?

Playing 1000x Busta crash game for real money in India is not illegal. You can play it at any internationally licensed online rupee casino that hosts the game, as such gambling sites are not subject to Indian law.

Is it safe to bet real money on 1000x Busta?

Betting real money on 1000x Busta is safe at any authorized online casino. Playing at an unauthorized casino could risk your funds. Also, be cautious while playing the game over public Wi-Fi connections to avoid potential hacking.

What is the minimum bet in Relax Gaming’s 1000x Busta?

The minimum bet in 1000x Busta crash game is ₹10. This makes the game somewhat appealing for low rollers and budget-conscious players in India.

What is the maximum bet in 1000x Busta?

The maximum bet in 1000x Busta is ₹10,000. Before playing it for real money, remember to deposit sufficient funds into your casino account.

What is the maximum win potential of 1000x Busta game?

When playing 1000x Busta, you can win up to 1000x your stake. However, despite the maximum bet being ₹10,000, the highest win amount is just ₹2,500,000.

Can I play 1000x Busta crash game for free?

You can play the 1000x Busta crash game for free in two ways: by playing it in demo mode or by using a no-deposit bonus. The latter may yield real money wins, while the former is freely available but does not lead to real money wins.

Can I win real money from playing 1000x Busta?

You can win real money in 1000x Busta by placing real money bets. Seize this opportunity by playing the game at a licensed online casino and remember to cash out before the multiplier graph crashes to secure your winnings.

Can I play the 1000x Busta crash game on mobile?

Relax Gaming has optimized 1000x Busta for mobile gaming. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, the game smoothly loads on different browsers and screen sizes. Both the real money version and the free demo work alike.

Can I hack the 1000x Busta game?

Hacking 1000x Busta game is not possible. The game's security prevents unauthorized access, and many hacking programs claiming otherwise are fraudulent. The best strategy for success is to play legitimately and focus on cashing out before the multiplier graph crashes to maximize the chances of winning.

What are the best alternatives to the 1000x Busta crash game?

These are some of the best alternatives to 1000x Busta crash game:
Aviator by Spribe
– Rich Rocket by Lucky Elephant

What are other crash games by Relax Gaming?

Apart from 1000x Busta, Relax Gaming does not offer any other crash game at the moment.

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