Real Teen Patti for Cash – All Questions Answered!

What is Real Teen Patti? How to play it? How to win? Where to download the app? This 3 patti guide answers all the questions you have about playing real teen patti on an app for money or online directly in your web browser.

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What Is Real Teen Patti?

Real Teen Patti is an app to play Teen Patti online for real money against other players. It is also a collective name for all apps and websites that allow you to do the same. As can be seen below, there are plenty of options and apps to play real money Teen Patti with the possibility of winning cash.

Where to Play Real Teen Patti Online for Money?

Below is a list of the best places where you can play real online 3 patti for cash. You can do so directly in your web browser or by downloading an app to your phone. As a new signee, you'll get a juicy bonus to boost your bankroll!

Real Teen PattiBonusCash-out timeUPI
Lucky Niki₹1 lakh1 – 10 hoursYes
JungliWIN₹1 lakh7 minutesYes
Mostbet₹25,00024 – 72 hoursYes
Bluechip₹20,0001 hourYes
OlympiaBET₹50,00010 minutesYes
Megapari₹1.3 lakh2 – 24 hoursYes

If you want the app, it is available for download on each website after you sign up for an account.

Where to Download the Real Teen Patti App?

The Real Teen Patti app is available on Google App store. You can download it via this link. Unfortunately, the cash game is yet not available on the iOS store. However, there are many other real money Teen Patti apps you can use if you’re on an iOS device.

What Are Other Online 3 Patti Real Money Apps?

In addition to the Real Teen Patti app, you can download the below-listed apps to play Real Teen Patti with cash:

Teen Patti VariationDownload for AndriodDownload for iOS
Teen Patti GoldDownload for AndroidDownload for iOS
Teen Patti Octro: Live 3pattiDownload for AndroidDownload for iOS
Teen Patti FlushDownload for AndroidDownload for iOS
Teenpatti ProDownload for AndroidDownload for iOS
Teen Patti by PokeristDownload for AndroidDownload for iOS
TeenPatti DhaniDownload for AndroidDownload for iOS
Teen Patti Royal – 3 PattiDownload for Android
Teen Patti Comfun Card OnlineDownload for Android
KKTeenPatti PlusDownload for Android
Teen Patti King – 3 Patti PokerDownload for Android
Teen Patti ZingPlay – Real 3DDownload for Android
Royal Teenpatti – RTPDownload for Android
Teen Patti Taz: 3 PattiDownload for Android
Card Royale: Teen Patti BattleDownload for Android
Teen Patti SweetDownload for Android
Teen Patti TycoonDownload for Android
Poker 3 Patti Card Game TashDownload for Android
Teen Patti – 3 Patti Cards GameDownload for Android
Teen Patti InamDownload for Android
Teen Patti HasratDownload for Android
Teen Patti Refresh – 3 PattiDownload for Android
Teen Patti Diamond: 3 PattiDownload for Android
Teen Patti RomioDownload for Android

How to Create a Real Money Teen Patti Account?

To set up a player account for 3Patti Real, you should download and open the app. When you do this, a guest account will be created automatically for you.

You then need to register your phone number. Click on the “Profile” option on the right side of the screen, enter your mobile number and create a password.

Click on “Send OTP” to receive an activation code via text message. Once you receive the OTP code, you can enter it to complete the registration process for your Teen Patti Real account.

How to Make a Cash Deposit in Real Teen Patti App?

In order to make a cash deposit to play Real Teen Patti you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the balance icon in the Real Teen Patti app.
  2. Choose UPI or NetBanking as a payment method.
  3. Type in the amount to add to your account.
  4. Enter phone number or banking details.
  5. Confirm to get the app instantly funded.

How to Cash Out From Real Teen Patti App?

To cash out money from your Real Teen Patti app, follow these steps:

  1. Request a withdrawal on the Real 3 Patti app.
  2. Select your banking method and enter banking details.
  3. Enter the amount you would like to cash out.
  4. Confirm the cashout and wait for the app to process your request.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw Money From Real Teen Patti?

After withdrawing money from the Real 3 Patti app you can expect it to reach your bank account in a matter of minutes, up to a few hours at most.

Can You Chat With Players in Real Teen Patti?

Yes. Most real money Teen Patti apps allow you to chat with the people who are sitting at your table. This includes the Real Teen Patti app. To access the chat, simply click on the chat bubble in the top right corner of the interface.

What Are the Different Types of Teen Patti Online Cash Games?

There are three types of online cash games for Teen Patti; virtual, live and real.

  • Virtual Teen Patti is played against a computer that uses a random number generator to generate results. Winning this Teen Patti is all about luck.
  • Live Teen Patti is played against a croupier over a video stream. The game relies on luck, but also gives you decisions to make that will affect your results
  • Real Teen Patti is played against other people. Here your skills are put to the test as players outplay each other and only the best will win money.

No matter the type of Teen Patti game, all of them can be played with real money.

Can You Win Cash From Teen Patti?

Yes! Playing real Teen Patti on an app or online you can always win cash. To do so, you must first invest money by making a deposit to your Teen Patti account.

In real Teen Patti, you have to play better than your opponents to win money in the long run. Short-term, you can be lucky, but only the best players will make money in the end.

To win money, you have to know when to bluff, how to fool your opponents and how to adapt to the people you are playing against. Controlling your emotions is also a crucial part in winning cash in Teen Patti.

For more details, check out our guide on how to win in Teen Patti.

Can You Refer Friends to Earn Money in Real Teen Patti Apps?

Yes. Many Real 3 Patti apps will pay you real money for referring friends. It is possible to earn thousands of rupees and it’s all up to you how much you will earn. The more friends referred, the more money!

This is how it works:

  1. Sign up for an account in the Real 3 Patti Money App.
  2. Go to your profile in the app to find the referral link.
  3. Share the link with you friends.
  4. Your friend downloads the app and makes a cash deposit.
  5. Your account is instantly funded with money.

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Can Real 3 Patti Apps be Hacked?

Apps for Real Teen Patti can normally not be hacked by other people as they have safeguard mechanisms that prevent this. However, it is important that you never share your login details with anyone or type them in while making use of public Wi-Fi as that would make you vulnerable. A public Wi-Fi could be hijacked and from there your Real Teen Patti account could be hacked.

How Is Real Teen Patti for Money Played?

Real Teen Patti is a simple, yet complex game that can earn you a lot of money if you understand all the rules and perfect them. In a nutshell, this is how Real Teen Patti is played:

  • A dealer is randomly selected (which changes every round).
  • All participants place a forced ante bet that will create an initial pool of money to win.
  • Three cards are handed out to all participants face down (can’t see them).
  • Players take turns acting with the player closest to the dealer starting.
  • On your turn, decide if you want to play blind or seen.
  • Playing blind means not looking at your cards.
  • Playing seen means looking at your cards.
  • On your turn, choose to fold your hand, call a bet or raise.
  • Seen players have to pay twice as much as blind players.
  • As long as three or more players are left, a sideshow can be requested on your turn.
  • A sideshow means comparing hands with the previously acting player – worst hand is eliminated.
  • When the pot reaches a pre-determined limit, all players are forced to a showdown.
  • A showdown means that all players show their hands – the best one wins the pot. 

To learn more about the rules of Real Teen Patti, check out our guide on how to play Teen Patti where we have covered everything in more detail. Also, note that there are many Teen Patti variations that exist of the game which have slightly or moderately modified rules. However, these variations are normally not found on Real Teen Patti apps.


🍒 Is it possible to play Real Teen Patti online and win real money?

Yes, it is possible to play Real Teen Patti online and win real money. There are numerous mobile apps and websites that allow you to make a cash deposit, play the game and withdraw your winnings.

🥝 Is it legal to play Real Teen Patti Online in India?

Whether online or offline, Teen Patti is considered to be a game of skill in India, which can be legally played for real money. The anti-gambling laws laid down by most states in India exclude games of mere skill that do not have any element of chance or luck. Such games do not amount to gambling according to the Supreme Court of India. Instead, they are considered commercial activities and hence, legal. Real Teen Patti is one such game that has not been outlawed in the country.

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