Online Lottery Sites for Indian Players Who Love Big Wins

Forget about Indian state lottos. With world lottos prizes are better, legal obstacles minimal and it’s easier to claim winnings. Say goodbye to paper tickets and enter the world’s biggest lottery draws online.

To help you get started, I have created a top 4 list of the best online lottery sites in India.

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Top 4 Online Lottery Sites in India February 2024

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If you are reading this piece, I’ll assume you have already tried your luck at Indian State lotteries to no avail. Regular players would know that games like Satta Matka are illegal and there’s not much you can do about the puny amount that legal State lottos pay out in the name of prize money.

The cost of tickets is relatively high and claiming your winnings is no less than a nightmare because the terms and conditions are strange. But, let me tell you something: you can win a much bigger prize and avoid all the unnecessary trouble of claiming your money.

How? – By playing international lotteries online. The above list shows you legit gambling sites that allow Indian players to enter some of the biggest lottery draws from the comfort of their homes. The sites are legal, perfectly safe to play at, and securely pay out any money you win no matter how big.

The Best Lotto Sites Compared Side by Side

In the below table, we have compared the best lottery sites that we recommend playing at, which allows you to get a full overview of the features they offer.

Unsure about the terms in the table? Press on the term below for more information

Real TicketWhen entering a lottery, you will receive a scanned copy of a real lottery ticket which has been physically purchased in a store by an agent from the lottery site. | Lottery BettingLottery betting is an alternative way to enter lotteries and win big. This option is provided by lottery sites that can't provide you with an official lottery ticket. Instead you're betting on the outcome of the lottery. It's practically the same thing. If you win you win and you'll get paid. | SyndicateSyndicate allows for several people to purchase a bunch of lottery tickets together and then split the profits evenely between each other. Many jackpots are won this way.
LottofyLottolandLotto AgentTheLotter
Lotteries to play11283750+
Average ticket price₹258₹226₹385₹387
Discounts for multi-ticketsUp to 29%X NoneUp to 25%Up to 45%
Real ticket receivedX NoX NoV YesV Yes
Lottery bettingV YesV YesV YesX No
SyndicatesV YesV YesV YesV Yes
UPI availableV YesV YesV YesX No
Paytm availableX NoX NoX NoV Yes

Following below, I have briefly reviewed the lottery experience at the top 4 lottery sites that I recommend playing at. While they have their own strengths and weaknesses, all of them offer legal online lotteries in India and are all safe to play at.

1. Lottofy – The Overall Best Lotto Site

  • Fair ticket prices
  • Easy to get good discounts
  • Superb syndicate options
  • Fewer lotteries than other lotto sites

Licensed and regulated by MGA, Lottofy provides a safe and secure lottery experience. It stands out for its fair ticket prices and easy possibility to get up to 29% discount by either subscribing or buying multiple entries to a draw.

Lottofy is also the best lottery site for syndicates, offering the possibility to enter all of its lotteries via group purchases at a reasonable price. This heavily increases the chances of winning the lottery. A unique fund play option is also available, which is a mix between regular play and syndicate.

While the number of international lotteries playable at Lottofy is fewer than that of other lottery sites in India, the biggest and most popular ones are available, such as the US Powerball, Mega Million, and EuroMillions.

The site has a clever user interface and well-developed mobile apps for iOS and Android, making it easy to use on all devices. Results for each lottery draw can be found directly on the platform and result notifications are sent out by e-mail as well so that you never miss a win.

Top-quality customer support is available 24/7 and getting started at Lottofy, all new players get two extra tickets on the first purchase.

2. Lottoland – Satta Matka and Other Indian Lotteries

  • Fair ticket prices
  • Many unique lotteries
  • Great platform features
  • Regular payment issues

Operating since 2013, Lottoland is a full-fletched gambling platform with a strong focus on Indian players. It offers plenty of casino games and sports betting in addition to its many lotteries.

Alongside a host of over 20 international lottery games, Lottoland also provides entries to exclusive draws such as Jhatka Matka (a form of Satta Matka), Cricket Lotto, and Malamaal Daily. These lotteries are specifically targeted toward Indian lotto lovers.

While no discounts are available for purchasing multiple tickets, the initial ticket prices tend to be cheaper at Lottoland than other Indian lottery sites. This is evident from my price comparison which you can find here.

Lottoland also offers various promotional offers for lotteries on a regular basis. This includes bundle packages where you buy tickets to several lotteries at a reduced price and bonuses where you can get added cash to buy tickets by just making a deposit.

The site stands out for its great platform features that allow you to play the lottery in many different ways. You can subscribe to lotteries, enter multiple draws at once, and play in a syndicate. With some lotteries, you'll also find options that you normally wouldn't on lottery sites. For instance, adding the PowerPlay feature in the US Powerball which allows you to win more whenever you win.

The biggest drawback with Lottoland is its payments. It offers a limited selection of payment options and even though UPI and NetBanking are supposed to be available, there are often issues with these methods. When payment options work as they should, Lottoland is a top-notch site to play the lottery at.

3. Lotto Agent – Choose Between Real Tickets and Lottery Betting

  • Real lottery tickets
  • Many lotteries to play
  • Syndicates available
  • Great customer care
  • Tickets are pricey
  • Rupees not supported
  • Features may require activation

Founded in 2010, Lotto Agent is a top-quality lottery platform with a ton of features to it. A unique one is that it allows you to choose if you want a real, official ticket purchased and sent to you as a scan, or simply bet on the outcome of the lottery.

There are over 30 lotteries to play and 14 of these can be entered as a syndicate where you play in a group with others to make big buys that increase your chances of winning. You'll also find play features such as the PowerPlay, MegaPlier, and Doubler in the US Powerball, Mega Millions, and Cash4Life lotteries.

One of the biggest downsides with Lotto Agent is its ticket prices which are much more expensive than that of Lottfy and Lottoland. This can be somewhat mitigated via several discount options, such as bundle packages, purchasing tickets in advance, buying multiple tickets to a draw, and subscribing to lotteries.

While UPI, Google Pay, and many other payment options are available, the lack of Rupees on the platform may also drive up the costs a bit. Your account will be in USD ($), which means that you may experience a currency exchange fee when purchasing tickets.

An important thing to note is that Lotto Agent has a light and advanced version of its lottery platform. This means that you may have to speak with customer support to activate all features of the site. Luckily, customer support is one of the best among the Indian online lottery sites I've played at, available on chat and by phone.

4. TheLotter – Old and Trusted Lotto Platform

  • Real lottery tickets
  • Huge selection of 50+ lotteries
  • Massive discounts
  • Great reputation
  • Expensive tickets
  • No UPI

Launched in 2002, TheLotter is one of the oldest online lottery platforms still existing today. It has a splendid reputation all over the world with a high Trustpilot score of 4.3 out of 5 and has produced countless lottery winners, many of which can be read about on the site.

The platform is a pure concierge service which means that you always enter the official draws of the lotteries you play. A person from TheLotter will buy a real lottery ticket on your behalf in the country where the lottery takes place and then send you the ticket as a scan.

Unlike the lottery betting model, receiving a real can add a sense of relief, knowing that you will always get paid by the real lottery organizer if you win. However, it's a costly model for TheLotter. Thus, tickets are much more expensive compared to many other Indian lottery sites.

Massive discounts can be had though if you play regularly to receive VIP status and make big purchases to several draws in advance – up to 45%. But you really have to be a big spender to get ticket prices that compete with Lottofy and Lottoland.

With over 50 lotteries to enter, TheLotter does, however, offer way more lotteries to play than any other lottery site on my list. Many of these also support syndicate options and bundle packages where single entries of your own and syndicate play are combined.

A cleverly design user interface makes it easy to enter draws at TheLotter and in addition to always finding the latest results on the platform, winnings are notified via e-mail. Customer support is top-notch and available 24/7, and a user-friendly mobile app can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices.

The biggest downside of TheLotter is that UPI isn't available for ticket purchase, which it is with the aforementioned lottery sites. However, you can buy tickets via IMPS and Paytm.

To Conclude…

If you want to play international lotteries without buying an airplane ticket, these are the best sites you can register with. Incredible customer support is common in all of the lottery sites I’ve recommended. If you’re stuck, you will always have someone to help you out.

Furthermore, each of them takes responsible gambling seriously. Please note that Indian players are obliged to pay taxes when receiving winnings from international lottery draws. For more information, check out the detailed articles on the legal status of Indian online gambling and the taxation system on winnings.

FAQ – Common Questions About Online Lottery Answered

🍒 Is it safe to play the lottery online?

Yes, it is safe to play the lottery online as long as you are playing at legit sites. Choose lottery sites that are licensed and regulated by a reputed gaming authority and guarantee payouts. A trusted site will also make sure to encrypt all communications with players and have a privacy policy in place.

🥝 How can I win the lottery online?

Winning the lottery is all about being lucky. However, you can follow these strategies to increase your chances:
– Buy more tickets.
– Play in syndicates.

🍊 Is lottery legal in India?

Yes, playing lottery is legal in India. It is the only gambling activity that comes without a blanket ban. However, the central government has authorized the respective States to allow or prohibit it according to their wish. This is why some states have legalized lottery whereas others have banned it. Further, formats like Satta Matka are illegal nationwide. However, Indian players can play international lotteries from any part of the country.

🍹 Can I buy lottery tickets online in India?

Yes, you can buy lottery tickets online in India via international websites that offer concierge services. These lottery sites buy the tickets to official draws on your behalf and send a digital copy as proof of ownership. Winners are notified via SMS or email.

Smaller winnings would be credited directly to a player’s account while larger amounts such as jackpots need to be claimed in person. This is different from lottery betting where you bet on the outcome of the draw without buying the official ticket.

🍈 Is it legal to play international lottery in India?

It is legal to play international lottery in India online on every site recommended here. There is nothing stated about purchasing and playing online on international lotteries in the Public Gambling Act of 1867 – which by default makes it legal. However, each state can formulate its own laws and in West Bengal, all online lotteries have been illegalized.

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