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Horse Race Betting Sites in India - July 2024 List

Bet on the finest steeds from the comfort of your couch!

We’ve listed India’s best online casino sites for horse race betting in rupees.

Enjoy top odds, pay with local methods, and gallop to glory with bonuses.

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How to Bet on Horse Races Online in 6 Easy Steps

Enjoying the fun and convenience of online betting on horse races is just a few minutes away. All you have to do to get started is to follow the below steps:

  1. Visit an Indian horse betting site to bet at online
  2. Create a personal gambling account with the site
  3. Make a cash deposit and claim your welcome gift
  4. Head to the horse betting section at the site
  5. Choose the horse race to place a bet on
  6. Pick a winner, enter a stake and confirm

Following below, all of the above steps have been thoroughly explained with images to help you understand.

1. Visit an Indian Horse Betting Site to Bet at Online

One of the advantages of betting on horse races online is the freedom of choice that you have. While all of the gambling sites that we have recommended on top of this page are great choices for Indian players, bookmakers are usually unique in one way or another.

By using our “Quick Fact” feature you can get a neat overview of our listed sites and pick the horse betting bookie that you think is best suited for you.

As an example, we will be using Betway to illustrate how you get started with horse race betting online.

2. Create a Personal Betting Account With the Site

No matter which online bookie you choose for horse race betting, a personal account will be required. This is where any deposited money, all of your winnings and all of your horse bets will be stored.

Create an account for horse betting
Click on register to begin the account creating process

Creating an account, you will be asked for some personal details such as full name, home address and date of birth. With Betway specifically, you will have the option of going through the registration process quickly by just entering your Aadhaar ID.

Easy signup for horse betting with Aadaar ID

At Betway you will also be asked to agree with the welcome bonus terms. This is not something that you will come across at every online betting site that offers horse racing as welcome bonuses are claimed differently. However, at Betway, if you want the bonus, it is important to tick this box.

3. Make a Cash Deposit and Claim Your Welcome Bonus

Once your account has been created, you need to fund it with money. This is just as easily done as the registration process. Click on the button that says bank (it may say deposit at some sites) and all supported payment options will be made available to you. 

make a deposit and claim your bonus for horse racing
Betway has a wide range of Indian deposit methods, including UPI, AstroPay, Skrill and Neteller

To add cash to your account, choose your preferred payment method and follow the instructions. As a first timer depositing online to an Indian horse race betting site, rest assure that it’s all very safe. Just enter the amount you would like to deposit and confirm the transaction. If you choose UPI, all you have to provide is your UPI number. 

The vast majority of Indian sites that support betting on horse racing will offer you a welcome gift on your first deposit; usually extra cash or a free bet. At Betway, this bonus is automatically credited to your account as long as you have ticked the box that we previously talked about during sign up. This is not always the case though. 

With most horse betting sites, the bonus is claimed during the deposit process, but with some you have to speak with the customer support to get it. If you aren't sure how to claim it, we suggest heading to the bonus page of the site to read about the offer, or have a quick chat with the support. They are always keen on helping players out.

4. Head to the Horse Betting Section at the Site

With your account funded with money, it’s time to start the fun. At the online bookie, head to the horse race betting section. Simply click on sports in the menu of the site, followed by horse racing. Here you will find all horse races that are a live and currently running; all races that are starting shortly, as well as all races that are running in the future. 

Do note that the interface will look different depending on the site that you choose to visit. Betting on horse races at some Indian online bookies, it may also be that certain features won’t be available at all, such as placing future bets (also known as antepost).

5. Choose the Horse Race to Place a Bet on

A heap of horse races are running throughout each day and with many betting sites you can watch them online through a live stream. Just look out for a video icon. Racetracks from all over the world are usually covered by the bookies, making it possible to get action on odds at any time.

Choose your horse
Each time in the image represents its own horse race

Once you’ve chosen a horse race to bet on, you will see all participants in it as well as the odds they have been given by the horse betting site. At some bookies, including Betway, you may also find race specials, which are extra markets that you can bet on in addition to race winner.

6. Pick a Winner, Enter a Stake and Confirm

To place a horse bet, all you have to do is to click on the odds which the horse you’re interested in betting on has been given. This will allow you to enter the amount you would like to wager on the horse and place the bet.

Pick your winning horse and bet

You can also add the bet to a coupon/bet slip before placing it. This can be convenient as you can add many different winners and horse races to the same coupon. If you’d like to, you can also make a combination or system bet out of them. To learn more about this, check out our full guide on how to place a bet online

Placing your bet, some of the online bookies that offer horse race betting in India will allow you to tick a box that says SP. By ticking this box your bet will not be placed with the displayed odds. It will be placed with the official odds of the horse race, which are declared only at the start of the race. 

Once your bet is placed, you will automatically receive money from it if it turns out to be a winning one.

8 Things to Consider When Picking an Indian Online Betting Site for Horse Racing

To get the best possible experience of horse race betting in India, you may want to consider the following things: 

  1. Safety and gambling license
  2. Selection of betting markets
  3. Support for live streaming
  4. Availability of antepost
  5. Odds on harness racing
  6. Mobile apps to download
  7. Bonuses for horse race betting
  8. Ability to bet in Indian rupees

Following below, we have briefly described the above categories and recommended fitting bookmakers that allow Indian players to bet on horse racing online. Press the link above to jump to that section.

Betting on Horse Racing in a Safe and Secure Way

Let’s not give you any wrong assumptions. Gambling over the internet is generally considered a very safe practice. Most online bookies that offer horse race betting in India are legitimately licensed and regulated by organizations such as MGAMGA stands for Malta Gaming Authority. It's one of the most respected companies that issue licenses to gambling sites. This is because they are very strict and care greatly about player protection. and Curacao Gaming Commission. The horse race bookies that we are recommending are not only licensed, but they are also approved by us here at GamblingBaba and we have done our research.

Safety should always be a top priority when betting on horse races online or doing any other form of gambling. Therefore, it is not recommended to just pick any bookie that you find at any site. Always make sure to choose one that is legitimately licensed and suggested by a reliable source, such as us.

While some of the best sites that offer horse race betting online are licensed by Curacao, you should know that a license from MGA or the UKGC is the most prestigious one to have. These are the strictest organizations, guaranteeing maximum player protection.

Markets Available for Betting on Horse Racing

Wagering money on horse races is usually all about the winner. You simply bet on the horse that you think will win the race. However, betting on horse races online, some Indian bookies will surprise you with a couple of other markets that can make the experience a bit more interesting. These markets, which are also known as betting options, include the following:

  • Which of two selected horses will perform the best in a race
  • Betting on a horse to get a top 2, 3, 4, 5 or top 6 placement
  • Receiving your stake back if your horse finishes on a certain position
  • Placing a bet on the horse that will finish 2nd in the race

The selection of markets can vary greatly from one horse race betting site to another, which makes it something well worth considering.

Live Streaming to Watch Horse Races

Looking to indulge in horse race betting from India, you probably want to follow the action and watch the races go down. If you ask us, this is half the fun. Perhaps you already have a source to watch them at, but if you don’t, some sites that offer horse race betting online are providing live streams. 

By choosing such a site, you will be able to watch the horse races in real time at the same place where the bets are made. It’s very convenient.

Antepost – Betting on Future Horse Races

Antepost, which is also known as future betting, is the ability to place bets on horse races that will happen in the future. This could be anything from the day after tomorrow until the next month or even next year.

The advantage of placing such a bet is that you might get better odds than what you would if you were to bet the same day the horse race is taking place. The odds can in some cases make a huge difference as there are instances where twice the value has been made antepost compared to same-day betting. 

A downside with antepost is, however, that the horse you’re betting on may not end up participating in the race and in such a case you will still lose your stake. 

Many online bookies that offer horse race betting in Indian Rupees provide odds on futures and allow you to make antepost bets. Far from all though.

Odds on Harness Racing Along With Galloping Horses

Most Indians that are looking for horse race betting online are interested in gallop. This is the type of races that are offered by all bookmarkers that offer horse race betting in India – at least the ones that we are recommending.

Not every site is providing odds on harness racing though. As you may know, this is when the horse is trotting and the rider is situated in a sulky (also known as a spider) behind the horse. 

Mobile App for Horse Race Betting

These days, the gambling industry is well adapted to mobile devices, which means that you could easily bet on horse races online without having to download any app. Just visit the Indian horse race betting site of choice from the browser in your smartphone or tablet and you’re good to go.   

With that being said, you may still want to consider grabbing an app for your horse race betting. Not only is it convenient to access the bookmaker through an app, but those that are well-optimized can provide a slightly improved experience compared to using your mobile web browser. A more stable experience. 

Bonuses Viable for Horse Race Betting

The best thing you can do if you want to increase your chances of making a profit from your horse race betting is to grab bonus offers.

To attract and retain players, many Indian bookies are giving you extra cash as you make your deposits and are handing out free bets when you wager money. The frequency and value of promotional offers can, however, vary greatly from one site to another. 

While you must know that bonuses come with certain terms, they are always beneficial for your long-term profits. Thus, bonuses are something well worth considering when searching online for an Indian site offering horse racing betting. 

Using Indian Rupees to Bet on Horse Races Online

Aiming to provide Indian players with the best gambling experience, we at GamblingBaba is always looking for sites that support Indian rupees. All of our suggested betting sites for horse racing do. But why is this important and why should you take it into consideration when choosing a horse race bookie to bet with?

There are two reasons. The most important one is to avoid possible fees that you would have to pay if you would make a deposit from an account in Indian rupees to a gambling account in another currency. For instance, if you make a bank transfer with UPI and your gambling account is in Euro or USD, a fee will be charged.

Another reason is to avoid confusion. If the online bookie isn’t supporting Indian rupees to bet on horse races, this means that no bonus offers or payouts will be displayed in rupees. They will either be displayed in Euro or USD, which may not float your boat. 

Additional Things to Consider When Betting on Horses Online

While we have covered the most important things to keep in mind when choosing an Indian bookie to use for betting on horse races online, there are a few more things that you may want to consider. Four to be exact. These four things include:

  • The availability of customer support and ways that you can reach them on
  • Payment methods supported by the horse race betting site
  • Other gambling products, such as slot machines and live dealer gamesA live dealer game is a game streamed live from a casino studio, run by real human croupiers that you play against. It's an authentic experience. Games include Teen Patti, Roulette and Blackjack among many others.
  • VIP programs that will reward you for your loyalty

Generally speaking, the sites that we have recommended for horse race betting in India do the above things well. You may of course want to take a closer look yourself though.


Is horse race betting online legal in India?

Yes. In 1996, horse race betting was deemed an activity of skill and therefore considered to be legal. Most states don’t have any laws that specifically talk about online betting of horses. The lack of laws means that it is not a criminal offense to bet on horse races online using an international bookmaker.

Which is the best horse race betting site in India?

22Bet. This is based on the fact that they are offering a ton of odds on horse races from all over the world; provide live streaming of them and support extra markets in addition to race winner. They also have a great app for mobile betting and hand have plenty of bonuses.

Where can I bet on horse races online?

22Bet and Rabona are some of the sites you can turn to for a great horse betting experience in Indian rupees.

How can I bet on horse racing online in India?

1. Visit an Indian betting site that offers horse racing
2. There are many sites to pick, such as Betway
3. Create a gambling account with the site
4. Fund your account with money
5. Use UPI, Astropay, Skrill or Neteller
6. Go to the horse race betting section
7. Find a horse race to bet on
8. Enter your preferred stake
9. Confirm the bet. That’s it!

How do I win at horse race betting online?

Do your research! Like any type of betting, there is skill involved in horse race betting. Those who know their horses well can gain an advantage by finding bookmaker odds that are beneficial to bet on. Using bonuses offered by horse betting sites is also a good strategy to increase your chances of profiting.

Can I watch horse races online?

Yes. Many of the best bookies that offer horse race betting online provide live streams where you can follow the action of most races.

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